Children of the Night are predatory, immortal creatures whose rapid movements are difficult to catch. These are human fears, doubts, temptations. These are feelings that intensify with the arrival of darkness, when a person is defenseless and sees only shadows in the moonlight.
The ballet tells the story of a couple who are overcome by problems that can tear them apart forever. And if Michael and Amelia pass them, they will find true love. If not- they will lose each other and their self forever!

This is a ballet about love which can stand any test.
It contained story about mythical creatures named androgynous. In ancient Greek mythology, androgynes - creatures who once possessed two pairs of arms and legs, were proud of themselves and considered themselves equal to God. As a punishment, they were divided into two parts - male and female. Since then, each of these parts has been forced to look for its half.

The Seer is a product of the cosmos.
A formidable and omnipotent creature sits on a throne of the Flying, peering into the depths of the universe. His faithful helpers are the Chosen, the executors of his will.
Suddenly he feels a new power that has appeared in the world. The seer begins to call and attract her.
Super-fast, unrestrained, confident in their love, the heroes respond to the call. A colorful and cloudless world opens up to the eye, their dance with the Flying is full of harmony. But soon their goal becomes clear - to separate, to break the Androgyne's alliance. In this regard, the Seer is the only way he can subdue them.


Teared apart, Michael and Amelia are seduced using various means, while he watches, looking for their weakness. Amelia is melting.
lured by the promises of the mysteries of new delights, enchanted by the world, she finds herself in the hands of the Seer. Michael is also fascinated, but coming to his senses at the very last moment, he breaks their connection. Two men fight ensues. The seer is defeated. But is he?