God from the Machine- a work inspired by Alex Garland's film "ex_macina," his general idea, as well as the embodiment of the image of artificial intelligence in the form of a woman's body.
At first glance, being only a set of mechanical elements and physical and mathematical processes, the humanoid, must find and evaluate itself in space. To study this space - its creator and processes, in order to draw his own conclusion. It is most likely impossible to study and understand the Creator. In any case, from our position, limited by dimensions and time, to understand God does not seem possible. And do you imagine what a robot encounters in the modern world?
Each of us solves so many tasks per day and throughout our lives, so many processes and changes occur in us, that fixing and processing this information looks like an impossible task for a robot with its neural network. We are able to do this because we have a fast tool, a tool that can unload the brain at a certain moment and take information out of it and instantly generate a solution - this is intuition, in order not to overload the brain. Perhaps robots will learn this quality, but it's still hard to imagine.This issue is an exposition of the image, the beginning of its development and an attempt to think about the possible way of its development.
The creation and implementation of artificial intelligence is the beginning of a new chapter in the life of mankind, which we have already opened, but have not yet begun to read. As a supporter of symbiosis, I would not like to give a positive or negative characteristic, but I know that every creator loves his creation. Deus ex machina is not an attempt to predict the possible variants of the relationship between man and machine, but it is an attempt to create a new image that can help you see these variants on stage. I am sure that art is not just a means of entertainment or a pleasant pastime. It certainly is.But it is a different type of thinking, a different method of understanding and delivering vital information and emotions. A kind of teacher and assistant, which we need to search for the truth, to analyze the mistakes made, to find and correct them.
And, I believe, partially predicting them.
Art is dual. At first sight, the artist is only meant to create objects or phenomena that can interest or amaze the viewer, but in fact the artist is first of all a thinker, who is concerned exclusively with the deep processes and problems of his time and who can, with images, words, notes or combinations of colors and shapes, create objects that are a kind of key to the door of knowledge. The common good. Something that subconsciously influences us and is able to put into our neural network the information that invisibly changes us, our perception and our whole way of thinking. The role of art is global. Without it, scientists could not create their formulas, programmers could not write programs, and architects could not build. It provides the flexibility of consciousness we need to ensure that.